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Bird Collisions

We all have windows in our houses, apartments, offices and on balconies so we can enjoy the view and let light into our homes. Sadly, glass can pose a danger to wildlife.

Have you ever seen a bird crash into a window and fall to the ground, then wondered why? It’s because birds can’t see glass; they only see the reflection of foliage and sky and they’re tricked into thinking they can fly through and it’s one of the leading causes of bird deaths.

What happens when a bird hits a window? Sadly, they often die on impact. Sometimes they are stunned and cats catch them. Others fly away, but not all will survive as they may have internal injuries and die later.

So what can you do? Go outside and look at your house as if you were a bird. If you see trees and sky in the windows, then birds will see that too.


Can cats and birds live together? The answer is yes, but cats are natural predators, so birds need protection. There are some things you can do which will help, like putting a bell on a collar around your cat’s neck. Not the tinkling ball bells, but one that is shaped like a cowbell as it makes a sharper sound. Ask your parents about ways to keep your cat from harming wildlife.

There’s more information on the Parents page.

What do you call a baby echidna?
A puggle!

Echidnas are mammals. Like platypuses, echidnas are monotremes, meaning they lay eggs and they are the only mammals in the world that do this. A female lays a single egg and she incubates it for around eleven days before the puggle hatches and moves into her pouch to develop.

Echidnas are widespread throughout Australia, including Tasmania. They have spines and a quick tongue to catch ants.

How small a baby quoll is ?
What a baby quoll is called ?
Did you know that a newborn baby quoll is the size of a grain of rice and is called a pup.

Out of the eighteen pups born, only six will survive more than two weeks because the mother only has six teats to feed them milk.

Whose Footprints are These?

Tasmanian Devil

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