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For Teachers

Now more than ever it is important to educate children on the environment and the species that live in it. So what can be done in schools to raise awareness and have children involved?

  • Install bird baths & have children responsible for keeping it clean and full
  • Get children to build and Install insect hotels
  • Have a garden with children involved in the planting
  • Encourage kids to have birdcall apps on their phones & monitor birds seen & heard
  • Have discussions about conservation groups. Encourage kids to join – maybe they can even start their own school wildlife group
  • Include books & videos about wildlife in libraries
  • Take groups on nature trail walks
  • Encourage kids to appreciate the less cute and cuddly species, so they become aware of the essential role all wildlife plays in the ecosystem
  • Have the school gardener avoid trimming shrubs in spring when birds are nesting
  • Some helpful resources:

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